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GSS19 / Becoming is the Global Summer School held by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

GSS19/ Becoming will take place on 1-14 July simultaniously in Barcelona, New York, Dubai, Melbourne, Tehran, Istanbul and other global metropolises - and now also in Budapest, hosted by IADS in partnership with architect Gyorgy Bukosdi (Barcelona/ Budapest).

The applications for GSS19 Budapest are now closed: for enquiries for the next year’s GSS please write on our Facebook page IAAC Global Summer School Budapest or apply to other global locations.

biomimicry budapest perspective


The publication Biomimicry Budapest Perspective is a compilation of essays and multimedial art works.

The Perspective resulted from an interdisciplinary workshop Biomimicry & Connectivity, held between the 10th and 12th of October in collaboration with Art Quarter Budapest.

Biomimicry & Connectivity arts and design co-lab, 10-12 Oct. 2018

Biomimicry & Connectivity arts and design co-lab, 10-12 Oct. 2018

The essays are written exclusively for the publication in the period after the workshop. The art works are contributed by the artists for the publication.

Authors and contributors: Hugo Araujo (Belgium/Mexico), Joanne Pang (Singapore), Lilla von Puttkamer (Germany), Sabrina Stiegler (Germany), Andor Wesselenyi-Garai (Hungary), Miguel Miguel & Miguel (Brazil), Karina Vissonova (Denmark/ Hungary), Rihards Funts (Latvia), Jaap Scholten (Netherlands/ Hungary), Levente Gyulai (Hungary)

Contributing artists: Cora Schmelzer (Germany), Ana Amoros (Spain), MAD international design summer school, Miguel, Miguel & Miguel (Brazil), Gunta Strauberga (Latvia)

Cover design: Joanne Pang (Singapore)

The Biomimicry Budapest Perspective reflects on the quality of “what is human”. It concentrates on the meaning of “learning from nature” and the deeper aspects that connect human and nature.

The Biomimicry Budapest Perspective recognises the technocentric orientation of biomimicry practice. The practice is inspired by the shapes and functions present in nature, and some elements of the nature’s self organising principles.

The authours explore ecological condition of a human, its advancements and limitations. There are many lessons yet to learn from nature, though perhaps the one we ought to learn first is about ourselves.

The Biomimicry Budapest Perspective is featured in the 7 vortex - everything is connected platform.


Video sounds recorded during the workshop and video created by Ana Amoros, Tengeri Films.


Biomimicry & Connectivity art and design workshop at Art Quarter Budapest, Budapest Design Week 2018. Photos by Alexandra Heim

design week budapest 2018

Opening event - 9th October, 2018 the Institute was officially introduced to the public and media. The event was hosted by Ivan Bojar, the chief editor of epiteszforum.hu and it was held at the MEONIN Design studio.

Photo by  Alexandra Heim

Biomimicry & Connectivity workshop - The Institute held its first event: an arts and design co-lab exploring the field of Biomimicry.

The Co-lab took place between the 10th and 12th of October in the Art Quarter Budapest, the collaborative partners of the Institute.

The event hosted speakers from arts, design and architecture backgounds from Hamburg and Berlin, Germany; Riga, Latvia; Amsterdam, the Netherlands and from Budapest, Hungary. The participants represented also varied backgrounds - artists, designers, architects, writers and biomimicry specilists from USA, Belgium, Singapore and Hungary.

Opening doors to the Co-lab at Art Quarter Budapest

Opening doors to the Co-lab at Art Quarter Budapest


The Institute opening event at MEONIN Design Studio, Budapest Design Week 2018. Photos by Alexandra Heim.

riga international biennial of contempory art Riboca 2018

The Institute was represented at the Riga international biennial of contemporary art RIBOCA 2018, Riga, Latvia. The talk "Sustainability and Objects" was a dialogue between the Institute's founder Karina Vissonova Phd and permaculture designer and artist Claudiu Oprea (UK).

RIBOCA 2018, photo by Peteris Viksna

RIBOCA 2018, photo by Peteris Viksna


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