advanced Design Education 

The Institute of Advanced Design Studies (ADES) is a new educational platform offering advanced design studies to postgraduate students interested in sustainability. Our programmes have an emphasis on exploring new ways to assess the total impact and potential outcomes of design manifestations.

Our educational platform is to launch a new wave of multidisciplinary design thinkers across professions. Our courses are moderated by influential leaders who believe that it is time to engage Design Thinking to solve global challenges and advance designs that will benefit humanity and the environment.

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ADES hosts a selected range of educational initiatives, most notably a one year course in Advanced Design Studies for Sustainability (ads4s). This course offers highly immersive, co-creative and inter-disciplinary design studies to postgraduates of various disciplines.

We launch ADES’s first annual class of 25 postgraduate students who will spend the coming year together working intensively with some of the world’s leading experts in sustainability and ecology, design, product and service development, and technology.

Intense interaction with these experts from around the world will allow our students to collaborate as part of an immersive learning experience with the shared ambition of shaping comprehensive design-based solutions. The course is set to start in October 2020 in Budapest.