course in advanced design studies for sustainability

Our lead study programme is a one year course in Advanced Design Studies for Sustainability (ades4s) starting 2020/2021.

The course is built on interdisciplinary theme-based modules (see here for modules in the course 2020). With each module, our students work together framing challenges within the given theme, focusing on sustainability. The students form unique insights as they draw knowledge from the diversity of the group, enabling them to apply the generated knowledge across disciplines and industry practices.


We aim to give optimal conditions for our students to deep-dive into interdisciplinary work within design for sustainability and explore how scientific and technological discoveries and developments can be best applied to benefit humanity and the environment. In addition, our students get the opportunity to explore the nature of current developments in design for sustainability and the ever-changing context of potential outcomes.


The course is relevant to all types of postgraduates seeking to deepen their critical thinking through an intense period of interdisciplinary work. Our students already have a skill base and a degree in a discipline, but are looking to advance their skills and specialise in Sustainability. We train in ethical ways of designing as well as in interdisciplinary group work.

Applicants are carefully selected to represent their discipline in small multidisciplinary groups that work much like co-labs, deep-diving into specific themes and challenges. Intense interdisciplinary work enables the group to explore more comprehensive solutions and scenarios, taking into consideration the potential impact of design manifestations, whether those outcomes are intentional or not.

By completing the one year programme, our students are awarded with a post-graduate studies certificate in Advanced Design Studies for Sustainability from the Institute of Advanced Design Studies, Budapest.

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