Calling on Multidisciplinary, Postgraduate Creative minds!

We are seeking highly self-motivated individuals willing to delve deep into the questioning preconceived notions of design and innovation. At ADES, you will get the opportunity to work with other postgraduates and world-renowned professionals who want to experience how their current skills set and expertise can be pushed and enhanced by sustainable thinking.

We invite individuals of various cultural and disciplinary backgrounds with MSc (upon selection BSc) degrees in product-service design, architecture, technology, engineering, also graduates of applied sciences, artists, anthropologists and philosophers. 



ADES accepts international applications for a maximum of 25 full-time students every year.

You are selected according to your expertise to work with a complementary group of postgraduates, and bringing diverse, multi- disciplinary expertise and experience to the group.


The applications will be open at the end of the 2019.

The tuition fee will be announced shortly for the study year 2020/2021. We will update the information for available scholarships and grant programs. Our tuition is estimated to average standard rates for master programs in EU.