EDUCATION FOR THE SHIFT IN PARADIGM - education for sustainability

The current shift in paradigm is from the industrial production model to circular and transformation economy that demands new, sustainable ways of design and value generation.

The complexity of the environmental issues, geopolitical issues and the shifts in socio-economic setups require a new wave of professionals able to think critically and act in multidisciplinary domains.

ADES gives the space and time for the young postgraduates to fully develop their own skills and leave with new tools and thinking on how to make meaningful contributions to our global society and our planet.

Inspired by the Hochschule fur Gestaltung (HfG) Ulm

Hochschule fur Gestaltung (HfG) Ulm, Germany, designed by Max Bill

Hochschule fur Gestaltung (HfG) Ulm, Germany, designed by Max Bill

Inspired by the early Hochschule fur Gestaltung (HfG) Ulm, Germany, the Institute brings the theory to bear on practice, to inspire and to influence the actions taken in traditional design, architecture, science, technology engineering (etc.) practices. HfG Ulm, like our own ADES, invited speakers from diversity of disciplines, from mathematicians to philosophers and sociologists to achieve more wholistic approaches, appropriate to solving the problems of the time.

Today, like in the post war period in which the HfG Ulm was founded, global society is facing a situation where a re-building of our society is necessary, not to revive industries and build more homes, but to adapt our current organisations and systems to a world lead by principles of ecology, sustainability and resilience.