The Institute aims to effectively apply given theoretical knowledge to resolving a situation by design, while limiting the negative impact of the various consequences, side effects and externalities that are produced by design manifestations.

We therefore agree to be:

Radically Sustainable

We will design for long-sighted sustainability, for the benefit of the community of mankind and the environment.

Deeply Ethical

We will apply the principles of the Philosophy of Design, the Philosophy of Technology and Ethics to value generation in our work here on.

Practically Resourceful

We will be inspired by and work with other fields of knowledge to experiment, invent, innovate and collaborate across disciplines with a respect for the resources and knowledge that we have available.

Respectfully Challenging

We will try to bring critical thinking to our own fields, and not be scared to change the status quo in our respective fields by finding new applications that cross disciplines.

Openly Interconnected

We will deep dive into complex problems and situations to assess outcomes, side effects and externalities and go the extra mile to eradicate negative outcomes and meet unmet needs.


1124 Budapest, Fürj utca 2. HUNGARY